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West Wind Home

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Add a touch of décor to your Home, inside or outside, with one of our signs!

We live on Oliver Lake in Lagrange, Indiana.This area is known for its beautiful, natural lakes.Being surrounded by nature, nesting Bald Eagles, sailing, and other boating activities, we were inspired to create décor that would complement lake homes in the area.We had no idea if this crazy idea would take off or not.You’ll never know unless you try, right?

The first product we created was a Rustic Oliver Lake Metal Sign.

To say it sold like hotcakes would be an understatement!

The community really loved this sign, and its popularity spread like wildfire.

That inspired us to start designing signs for other area lakes and campgrounds.Like the original sign, those were a hit too.Friends and family pressed us to bring our products online, so here we are.Funnily enough, we were so busy creating that we never came up with a brand name! Eventually, we settled on the name West Wind Home.

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